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  "Zeal" Series, Augmented Reality Art series 

These works were featured as solo exhibitions at CICA Museum (Korea) and Scholes Street Studio (NYC)

                                                                          Artist Statement

As a multi-media artist whose work spans sound art, video art, music, and visual art, my interest as an artist is to experiment with a wide range of media in order to achieve varied aesthetic expressions and experiences. My goal is to push boundaries, not only in terms of a single artwork’s ability to express a new mode of expression but also in regard to reconfiguring an artwork’s relationship with its viewers to invoke subjectivities of gazes and to encourage interactive and embodied experiences. In this context, I use an augmented reality application, zappar, as an additional medium to achieve the final multi-media experience.

My multi-media artworks are created in several stages to maximize the inherent potential and value within each medium while also integrating the output from different media in the interest of synergy. Instead of favoring either new or old media, which often connote value-laden judgments, such as “superiority” or “inferiority,” my intent is not to accept emerging media at their face value nor to consider older media, such as painting, as obsolete. Rather, I strive to create a dialogue between both old and emerging media as complementary forces.

In this vein, for painting/drawing, I incorporate raw, primitive tools, such as my fingertips, to channel energetic fields. The acts of painting and drawing can accentuate human touch, which creates links between spontaneous inner movements and whispers through lines, marks, and forms. Although digital painting can yield similar results, drawing – mainly automatic drawing with primarily fingers and fingertips – produces an unadulterated and pristine value that cannot be otherwise achieved via other media. It is exactly this crudeness and coarseness of edges and chaotic rawness that I find authentic to human expression in terms of visual artwork.

To this approach to painting, I apply a different perspective when it comes to the digital media. The augmented reality app adds a secondary layer to my paintings in terms of allowing their initial form to be transformed into different forms and figures, sometimes blending them into real video footage in time-based media. Upon augmenting the artwork, the painting will start to move fluidly and come alive, transforming itself, accompanied by sound also specifically created for each individual visual work. Collectively speaking, my work addresses tensions that rise within dichotomous ideas such as analog and digital realities, stasis and movement, real and augmented reality, eastern and western influences.

*When scanning the QR code either with a phone or iPad, the audience will experience artwork coming alive with a short sound composition. Locate your cursor to the painting to unlock the AR experience, and leave your cursor within the painting until it ends. 

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