Over the past decade, I have been cultivating various skills in a wide variety of fields, such as media, writing, visual art (both fine arts/digital art/augmented reality art, video art), music (electro-acoustic, contemporary avant-garde classical, ambient soundscape, sound design and music for media, etc.), and technology. After concentrating on these respective fields separately, in recent years, I have integrated them to create intermedia works and performances.  Lately, my interactive audio-visual format has included motion (to interactively impact visuals and sound), and interactive gaming as a way to involve direct audience participation. By carefully designing human-centered interactions and experiences, my overall goal is to heal, empower, enlighten, and inspire positivity. In conjunction with raising awareness of various social and spiritual issues, I wish to challenge our socially conditioned human perceptions and norms, our visible and invisible realities to hopefully mitigate divisions, discriminations, hate, bullying, and labeling. Much human and societal conflict stems from deep-seated bias, a lack of compassion and understanding, and blind affiliation to ideological constructs. Thus, my creative intention is to valorize the power of the collective experience to generate transformative, healing moments. To fulfill this mission, I am constantly experimenting with various mediums to effectively share my message, while also striving to elevate individual and collective consciousness.