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My creative projects often experiment with emerging technology to create real-time, interactive, and participatory or immersive performances that cross the boundaries between audience and performer, analog and digital mediums, sound and vision, and theory and practice. In doing so, I pose provocative questions as an impetus for positive change. My creative work draws from various fields and topics, including science, technology, interactive design, medicine, media studies, economy, philosophy, etc., to create innovative intermedia performances. In this vein, my goal is to generate new aesthetic expressions and diversifying experiences in order to better humanity, improve human conditions, and solve problems or problematize unforeseen issues.

In broad terms, I like to explore human nature (good vs. evil), human conditions (honoring human rights, human dignity, human freedom), human experience (human perceptions, human emotions, human consciousness), human identities, and the status of humanity as a whole.  At the intersection between seen and unseen, visible and invisible, and exterior and interior realities, I strive to break down, challenge, and demystify socially constructed norms and perceptions. Drawing from my background in media studies, my work also examines, disrupts, and questions the dominant narratives and framing in our media and cultural landscape since the fabric of human experiences/conditions can hardly duck under the radar of a media-saturated world. Overall, my hope is to heal, empower, and raise individual and collective consciousness while questing for discernment.

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