Mediating Universal Identity is an augmented reality (AR) multi-media artwork. In this body of work, I try to raise awareness of the need to go beyond ideological constructions of identity, reflecting the conviction that the discrimination based on ethnic and racial background, sexual preferences, gender, etc. pervasive in today’s society is partially rooted in deeper issues associated with identity. For instance, when one’s core identity is too closely tied to external affiliations that define one’s self-perception, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, or political/religious affiliation, this situation can potentially set dangerous consequences in motion. The creation of divisions and demarcations is escalating around the world, and polarizing rhetoric separating groups from each other seems to be increasing in the media landscape. In this series, I would like viewers to dwell in collective consciousness and achieve a sense of connectedness at the nexus of vision and sound, analog and digital, real and virtual reality, and individuality and universalism. As part of this initiative, I also explore my deeper, fleeting invisible self.  Personal identity can be a transient and evolving concept with constantly shifting components.  One of the driving questions that my work raises is how can we aim for universal connections as the human race while not eschewing the individualities that emerge from the differences in our evolving identities and worldviews?

Images on left are not just static artworks, because visitors will be able to augment them by using handheld devices, such as ipads or smartphones upon downloading the free Zappar application from Google Play or another app store. When viewers point the their devices towards the small zapcode (which will be placed next to each artwork), the code will be scanned, and the viewers will be able to see the transformation of the visual artwork into moving images and video formats (which is shown on right).