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 Flame Augmented Reality Art

*This body of work was exhibited at the IANG gallery (Seoul, Korea), and part of its work was also exhibited at Scholes Street Studio (NYC)

Flame is a body of work which captures a burst of spontaneous creative inspiration like a firework spark.  This series emphasizes the idea that rather than viewing artwork as a completed, fixed form, visual artwork can also be transformed and can continue to evolve beyond the viewers’ short observational experience.  Paintings in this series represent the initial creative spark (unfinished form) prior to the multiple stages of revisions or retouching that can often take place in the creative process.  Therefore, after viewing the augmentation of the visual artworks on display, viewers are encouraged to use their own imagination to complete the paintings' ongoing transformation through their modified gazes.


 Once visitors scan the code with their handheld devices, such as iPads and smartphones, they will see the artworks come alive while being enhanced with the sounds that I created specifically for the visual artworks.  As a result, this exhibition challenges the concept of painting as a fixed and immobile medium.  Drawing broadly from Gill Deleuze’s notion of “becoming,” this body of work encourages active participation from the viewers, who will experience each artwork’s potential beyond the impression they instantly receive from the short visual encounter.  In this context, I emphasize that old media, such as painting, can possess life, movement, and transformation through continued evolution.

In order to experience AR art, put your cursor on the painting and leave your cursor until it ends; paintings will come alive along with the sound; sound is an important part of the viewing experience; if it doesn't automatically play, make sure the sound icon on the right lower hand corner is turned on.  When you remove the cursor outside of the painting while it's being played, you can also create a stilled version of a new painting. 

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