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“I, You, We” is a series of multimedia experimental photographic works that was created by the participants of audiences and the improvisational performer/artist via interactive multi-media performance. Contrary to the act of creating “static” artwork by the individual artist, or actively taking photos as an artist selects the subject, this work invites audiences’ voluntary participation as the primary subject of the work. 


 As audiences stand in front of the camera installation, the camera automatically takes the facial image of the person via face tracking technology. In doing so, it further instantly triggers a musical sound. During this process, I improvised on the violin/cello. The pitch of my musical performance further generates the color of the photographic images in real-time while the lighting of the images is impacted by the amplitude of the sound I am making during my performance. The initial photographic images are generated as a still frame, after that, the images are digitally modified to hide the identity of the subject. Combining various mediums such as interactive photography, digital art, video art, (video art is running in the background of photographic images) improvisational music performance, interactive media technology, and most importantly the participation of audiences, the snapshot of these images celebrates collectivity, spontaneity, and diversity not only in the ways in which various mediums were combined but also as in celebrating our physical differences in a combined form of images and sounds.

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