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July 14th 
  • "Why," Solo Bamboo Flute and Electronics, La Hora Acusmática, Argenna 
July 7th
  • "Humanity: From Survival to Revival," VU Symposium, Park City, Utah
June 20th
  • "Torrent," Piano Improvisation with Fixed Media Electronics, NYCEMF (World Premiere)
June 22nd
  • "Paradigm Shift," New Music Gathering, Portland OR
May 11-13th
  • “Humanity: From Survival to Revival,” Instruments, Interfaces, Infrastructures: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Musical Media, Harvard University, Cambridge MA
May 15th
  • "Eastern Praxis": Interactive Live Graphic Score, cello, violin, bamboo flute and singing bowl, Longy School of Music of Bard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Tenor: International Conference on Technologies for Music Notation and Representation  (World Premiere)
  • "I, You, We," Fixed Media Version, NoiseFloor, Staffordshire University
May 19th
  • “Eastern Praxis,” 2023 Asian Classical Music Initiative International Conference, Rutgers University, May 19th-20th
May 31st- June 3rd
  • ​"Paradigm Shift," New Music on the Bayou, Monroe, Louisiana 
April 7th 
  • "Paradigm Shift," Society of Electro-Acoustic Music in the U.S. April 7-8, New York City. 
April 16th
  • "Humanity: From Survival to Revival" Broadcast Education Association, Best of Competition Showcase Panel, April 16th, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Neveda 
April 21-22
  • "Remapping Earth," Earth day Art Model, April 21-22
March 9th
  • "Paradigm Shift," Performing Media Art Festival, March 9-10, South Bend, IN

March 18th 

  • "Paradigm Shift," Moxonic Festival, Missouri,  March 16-18

March 24th

  • "Paradigm Shift," Turn Up Multi-Media Festival, Tucson, Arizona March 23-26, 2023


  • “Paradigm Shift,” Convergence, Music, Technology, De Montford University, Leister, UK, Sept 22-25.

  • “Humanity: From Survival to Revival,” Eugene New Music Festival, Oct. 15-16, Eugene, OR 

  • “Paradigm Shift,” Regional Society of Composers Conference, Nov. 3-5  Syracuse University

  • “ Humanity: From Survival to Revival,” Sound and Music Performance, Ammerman Center Biennial 2022, Connecticut College, New London, CT Nov. 10-12 

  • “The Fate of the Dollar,” Performing Media Arts Festival, Indiana University South Bend, Indiana, Feb. 17-18

  • “The Fate of the Dollar,” Napoleon Electronic Media Festival, Illinois University, (130 submissions, 26 accepted) (postponed) 

  • “I, You, We,” Turn up, Multi-Media Festival (postponed) 

  • “The Fate of the Dollar,” violin solo with audio-visual interaction, live electronics, Contemporary Art Music Festival, Washington State University, Pullman, WA

  • “Tree Branch I: Nature’s Warning to Humanity,” Fixed Media, Audio-Visual, Earth Day Art Model Telematic Festival, April 22nd, curated by 

  • “The Fate of the Dollar,” Electronic Music Midwest Festival, Lewis University, IL

  • “Paradigm Shift,” International Computer Music Conference, Ireland

  • “Paradigm Shift,” Sound and Music Computing Conference

  • 2

  • Solo Exhibition, “Humanity: From Survival to Revival,” CICA Museum, Gimpo, Korea

  • “The Other Narrative,” ELO: E2Lit - Education and Electronic Literature Conference and Art Festival.


  • “The Fate of the Dollar,” Studio 300: Digital Art and Music Festival, Transylvania University Oct. 6-7 
  • “Your Shadow,” ArtTech, 10th International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts, Oct. 13-15, Portugal. 
  • “Me, Myself and I,” ArtTech, 10th International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts, Oct. 13-15, Averio, Portugal. 
  • “Demystifying the Narrative,” Glitch is the Soul in the Machine: An International Traveling Exhibition of New Media Arts and Design, The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MN, Sept 20- Oct. 1st. 
  • “Demystifying the Narrative,” 23rd International Multimedia Arts Festival, August 30th to September 5th in Odzaci and Novi Sad in Serbia
  • “Demystifying the Narrative,” Intermedia performance (voice improvisation) New Music Gathering, Minneapolis Minnesota, August 12-18
  • “The Fate of the Dollar,” Intermedia Performance (cello and violin improvisation), New Music Gathering, Minneapolis Minnesota, August 12-18
  • “Embodied Sonic Meditation East-West Trio NO.1: an Elegy for Pum Pum,” International Computer Music Association, (collaborators: Chris Chafe, Cecilia Wu)  July 29th, 2021. 
  • “Demystifying the Narrative,” iDMA Conference, “Glitch is Soul Exhibition,” June 24-27, Winona, Minnesota
  • “Demystifying the Narrative,” New York Electroacoustic Festival, June, 2021
  • “Demystifying the Narrative,” KLG,: Klingt gut, International Symposium on Sonic Art and Spatial Audio, Hamburg, Germany, May
  • “AI vs. Human Consciousness,” KLG,: Klingt gut, International Symposium on Sonic Art and Spatial Audio, Hamburg, Germany, May
  • “AI vs. Human Consciousness,” Oscillosope, North Wale, UK, May 25th 
  • “Demystifying the Narrative,” Intermedia performance (voice improvisation), ELO Platform (Post?) Pandemic conference and festival May
  • “Me Myself and I,” Intermedia performance Video, Electronic Literature Organization and Media Art Festival, May 24-28
  • “Tree Branch,” Audio-Visual Performance, Twelve,  Solo set and collaborative improvisation, A Virtual Audio-Visual Playground. Live Streaming Concert, Society of Electro-Acoustic Music in the U.S. April 23 
  • A Sonic Healing Trio, w/ Cecilia Wu, Chris Chafe, Twelve, SEAMUS, April 23
  •  3 Digital Art Works, Self Portrait during the Pandemic, Alone Together, Up Arts Incubator, Lansdale PA. (online exhibition)
  • “Demystifying the Narrative,” (Intermedia Performance) Oh My Ear Festival, April 15-18, Phoenix, AZ
  • “AI vs. Human Consciousness,” (Intermedia Performance), Hot Air Music Festival, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, San Francisco, CA, March 7
  •  “AI vs. Human Consciousness,” Performing Media Festival, Indiana University South Bend, IN, Feb. 19, 7 pm. 
  • “Ignorance is Peril,” Video Art Screening, Escape 010101, Virtual Reality Exhibition on Twitch, Facebook
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