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                             Your Shadow


With the rise of 5G technology, CCTV surveillance has soared to new heights. Not only does it compromise the citizen’s privacy, but it also exploits personal information and tracks citizens’ behaviors, interests, thoughts, emotions, and penchants.  This issue extends far beyond the existing threat of surveillance because many people already realize that their online activities, including web browsing history and social media usage, are being constantly monitored.  Against this backdrop, “Your Shadow”  is an interactive multimedia interactive audio-visual installation that explores the gravity of the emerging high-tech surveillance. As your actions and activities leave a digital and physical footprint behind, is your shadow safe and protected, or is it being exploited?  How are your movements and actions being tracked?  What is at stake when your shadows are being constantly monitored online and offline, even when you are walking down the street?  How does surveillance pose a threat to individual freedom and expand controls over citizens?  While reflecting on these questions, this interactive sonic and visual installation will capture the formation of shadows and the vestiges left behind by the participants.  As each audience member swings their face left and right, the video will capture the gradual shadows that follow the participant in front of the camera.  The movements will also trigger new sounds.  Using the face-tracking technique in the Max-MSP software, this work will offer an embodied and visceral experience for audiences. Overall, this work hopes to raise viewers' awareness regarding the dangers and potential risky consequences of 24/7 surveillance.

Concept, video, music, performance: Cecilia Suhr

Programming: Martin Ritter

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