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     AI vs. Human Consciousness

AI vs. Human Consciousness imagines the sonic environment and visual representation of AI's limitations when conversing with human consciousness. Using musical improvisation as a way of tapping into streams of consciousness, this interactive audiovisual performance expresses the blurred boundaries between several sets of dichotomies, including machine vs. human, analog vs. digital, spirit vs. matter, old vs. new, and past vs. future. In doing so, this work carefully reflects on AI’s potential and dangers and risks pertaining to certain areas.


Concept, Music, Video, Violin Performance: Cecilia Suhr

Programming: Federico Foderaro

Performance History (video format due to covid 19)

  • Splice Festival (2020)

  • Performing Media Festival (2021)

  • Hot Air Music Festival (2021)

  • KLG, : Klingt gut, International Symposium on Sonic Art and Spatial Audio (2021)

  • Oscillosope, North Wale, UK (2021)

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