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                        Paradigm Shift: Tapping into the Quantum Field


Paradigm Shift is loosely inspired by a fundamental concept in quantum field theory which wrestles with the various notions of reality: visible vs. invisible, physical vs. non-physical reality, 0 and 1 reality. The music is partially composed with a virtual instrument called quantum oscillators whereby the different numbers of harmonics, order, and frequencies produce a unique sound wave accordingly. Transitioning from a parochial way of defining visible reality as the only reality, this performance specifically addresses the notion of manipulation of reality by narrative control in the media-saturated world.  The 3D box represents a three-dimensional world where one only lives with a limited sensory and understanding of the world shaped by the media. Therefore the person is trapped in a prison cell (seen as a 3-d cube box) blinded by the multitude of worldviews and perceptions. Throughout the performance, the 3-d box captures the view from the live audience seat (audiences are seen inside of the box), and it moves and expands reacting to the live improvisational violin sound in an effort to break free from the 3-dimensional reality and takes a quantum leap to perceive reality in a new dimension and perspective.  Overall, this audio-visual intermedia performance demonstrates the paradigm shift in order to free oneself from the enslavement of parochial perceptions and manipulations of minds.

Credit: technical support and programming by Martin Ritter)   










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