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Paradigm Shift: Tapping into the Quantum Field

                             work in progress


This multimedia, audio-visual performance demonstrates a fundamental concept in quantum field theory by exploring the dichotomous notion of reality: visible vs. invisible, physical vs. non-physical reality, 0 and 1 reality. In doing so, this performance shares the new and emerging genre of quantum music. I use  virtual instruments called quantum oscillators along with Tibetan singing bowl, electronics, violin, and cello. Transitioning from a parochial way of defining visible reality as the only reality, this performance recognizes the existence of multiple realities, especially the invisible one, by tapping into the quantum field. In this moment, the paradigm is shifted, and one realizes that the invisible reality interconnects with the visible reality. To demonstrate this profound intersection, in the first part of the performance, the performer will play and move the singing Tibetan bowl in front of the camera as a way of shifting the energy fields. When this happens, the 3D square box will be moved, representing an invisible reality, which is shown on the projected screen. When the performer’s movement occurs in the vertical plane (as a gesture of reaching higher consciousness), additional sounds will be triggered. Shortly thereafter,  the performer will improvise on the violin and cello to the master soundtrack created with the electronics and the quantum oscillator. As the improvisation occurs, the music will interact with the 3D box to show how the invisible reality and visible reality merge in terms of overlapping space.


A number of implications exist in this action-based performance and will culminate in a symbiosis between a meaningful performance work and interactive audio-visual performance. First, there exists an interconnection between all things; our bodily movement, thoughts, sights, and sounds are not independent, but closely connected. Here, the unity and interconnectedness is also depicted when the performer virtually enters the 3D square to represent the embodiment of all things. Secondly, the two planes are connected and interdependent. This is expressed as the mind-body-spirit synthesis. In improvisation, it may seem like a random movement of fingers is creating the sound, but a higher consciousness governs the bodily movement, and manifests itself in vibrations and frequencies. Thirdly, this performance will challenge the reductionist view of one “objective” reality by visually and sonically illustrating the union between the invisible and visible realities as a way of representing the paradigm shift.

Concept, Video, Music, Performance: Cecilia Suhr

Programming: Cecilia Suhr with the help of Martin Ritter