Nonlinear Path is about a nontraditional life course that defies traditional, ordinary expectations. People often think and follow the path that was passively and naturally introduced to them. Yet, on some occasions, a deeper calling may persist in which one feels the strong conviction that one is meant to be on a different path despite his or her physical reality indicating otherwise. Nonlinear Path defies the parochial definition of “norms” and celebrates the diverse pathways that can lead to finding one’s own ultimate life path. Visually and sonically, it represents the unexpected twists and turns along the way. Overall, this audio-visual interactive work shares the journey of an individual’s relentless will and determination to carve out a new pathway by following one’s own intuition despite lacking a pre-existing roadmap. In this audio-visual performance, the sound of violin/cello improvisation will generate the lines that are being drawn on the screen.

Concept/Music/Video/Performance by Cecilia Suhr

Programming: Hans Tammen

Further modified by Cecilia Suhr

Performance video will be uploaded later