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 Healing Journey (previously entitled "Inversion")is an interactive audio-visual performance depicting the process of healing past trauma or unpleasant memories by transcending oneself to celebrate rebirth and transformation.  The healing process rarely takes a linear or straightforward step, but it often undergoes a repeated motion of going back and forth with flashbacks. Inspired by the progress in the fields of quantum healing and epigenetics, this work explores the interconnection within several sets of dichotomies: past vs. present, darkness vs. light, mind vs. body. At the nexus of sound, vision, and motion interactivity, the performance consists of four parts. At first, the physical motion with the towel wipes out the screen via tracking technique, therefore creating a real-time interaction between motion, sound, and audio. This part represents the desire to erase the past by simply blocking it out. In the second part, the tension between the past and present occurs through the audio-visual interaction of cello sound as it erases and redraws the lines that were deleted. This part shows that the healing process can involve suppressing unpleasant memories, as well as the recurrence of flashback memories. In the third movement, an automatic drawing is created with the violin notes, which represents a new vision for the future. Violin pitch and amplitude will dictate the colors and sizes of the brushstrokes. At the end, transcendence and rebirth occur as the artist becomes part of the screen to embody the remnants of past wounds, which are being replaced by a new vision. The video is made by digitally modifying a painting from my “Zeal Series” (2017) which highlights the spontaneity of unadulterated rawness.

The work was created in Audio-Visual Workshop (CCRMA, Stanford Univ.)

Premiered at CCRMA Online Streaming Concert (July 24, 2020)

Movie on 7-29-20 at 11.07 PM.00_01_44_05
Movie on 7-29-20 at 11.07 PM.00_01_51_03
Movie on 7-29-20 at 11.07 PM.00_06_24_09
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