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 Eastern Praxis

Eastern Praxis is an interactive live graphic score with free-line notation and symbols that are displayed in real-time.  The color and pattern of the Korean traditional dress, or "Hanbok," served as the inspiration for the graphic notations. In this piece, the four live instruments—the violin, the Tibetan singing bowl, the cello, and the traditional Korean bamboo flute known as the "Danso"—were all improvised.  This piece combines traditional instruments from the east and the west to create an atmosphere reminiscent of the ancient east.  Romantic western music is blended with an eastern flair that evokes the angst-ridden soul of the East ("한" 恨) when played on western instruments like the violin and cello.  At the nexus of east and west, modern and ancient, a multitude of sound constellations are created by the electro-acoustic performance of live instruments.    Electronic composition in fixed media and live interactive processing accompany all live instruments.  (Hans Tammen and Martin Ritter provided some technical and programming assistance for the patch's programming.) 

  • International Conference on Technologies for Music Notation and Representation, Cambridge, MA May 15-17 (world premiere)

  • 2023 Asian Classical Music Initiative International Conference, Rutgers University, May 19th-20th, 2023

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