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                                             The Fate of the Dollar

* Winner of the 2022 Pauline Oliveros Prize from the 41st Search for New Music  Competition by the International Alliance for Women in Music

*The American Prize 2022, “Virtual Performance” category (community div.), currently under review as  “Finalist”

This interactive, audio-visual live electro-acoustic performance explores the looming concerns about fiat currency creation linked to the Covid pandemic and the potential impact on people’s livelihoods and lifestyles.  In doing so, it reflects on a wide range of emotions tied to the current economy ranging from uncertainty, urgency, volatility, anxiety, and the rising concern about inflation and the fate of the dollar.

Programming and Technical Support: Hans Tammen

Performed at the following venues:

  • Version 1, New Music Gathering, Minneapolis, Minnesota, August 12-18 (2021)

  • Studio 300: Digital Art and Music Festival, Transylvania University Oct. 6-7 (2021) 

  • Performing Media Arts Festival, Indiana University South Bend, Indiana, Feb. 17-18. (2022)

  • Napoleon Electronic Media Festival, Illinois University, postponed due to covid 19. (accepted but postponed due to covid)

  • Festival of Contemporary Art Music, Washington State University, Pullman, WA (2022)

  •  Electronic Music Midwest Festival, Lewis University, IL (2022)

  •  Society of Composers, Online National Concert (2022)

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