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Demystifying the Narrative is situated at the intersection between sonic art performance and a mixed-media/textile installation combined with a new electronic musical interface. Reflecting on the turbulent and notable year of 2020, this interactive audio-visual installation critically explores the dominant narratives in the cultural and media landscape through abstract expression of sounds and visual representation via handmade installation.  Overall, this work captures the sounds of repetition, repudiation, contradiction, and omission while representing chaos, instability, despair, and unsightly beauty via a large-scale interactive installation. In doing so, it raises the question of what voices were silenced, heard, repeated and contradicted in 2020? What was the overall outcry of collective and individual voices?

Performed on a handmade e-textile instrument w/ voice Improvisation

Performed at the following venues: (due to covid, it was an online tapped performance except KLG event)

  • Glitch is the Soul in the Machine: An International Traveling Exhibition of New Media Arts and Design, The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MN, Sept 20- Oct. 1st. 

  •  23rd International Multimedia Arts Festival, August 30th to September 5th in Odzaci and Novi Sad in Serbia

  • New Music Gathering, Minneapolis Minnesota, August 12-18

  • iDMA Conference, “Glitch is Soul Exhibition,” June 24-27, Winona, Minnesota

  • New York City Electroacoustic Festival, June, 2021

  • KLG,: Klingt gut, International Symposium on Sonic Art and Spatial Audio, Hamburg, Germany ( realtime performance)

  • ELO Platform (Post?) Pandemic conference and festival, May, 2021

  • Oh My Ear Festival, April 15-18, Phoenix, AZ, 2021

  • Online Performance Art Festival, 2020

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