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Umbilical Cord

umbilical cord_9

This work features improvisational performances with Violin and Cello interacting with the movement and sound in the augmented reality art piece.  Crossing the boundaries between analog and digital states, sound and vision, stasis and movement, this performance culminates in interdisciplinary, multimedia works that exist at the intersection of fine arts, AR technology and live performance. 

Umbilical Cord focuses on a fetus’s formation in its mother, whereby I imagine the gradual growth of a fetus inside of the womb. While this work expresses the wonders and mysteries of new birth and life forces through visual and sound production, the deeper connotations of this work also connects and draws comparisons to the development of new consciousness. The powerful life energies and forces do not only occur inside of the fetus, but continue on after birth. We can only be born once as physical humans, but we are evolving beings. The augmented reality art (this work has a original art that is augmented in the format of video) addresses the tensions and dichotomy that exist between the visible and invisible dimensions. It entails the literal act of going beyond the firsthand images by depicting fetal development in an abstract way. Furthermore, this work invokes universalism since all of us came from the womb and share the experience of being linked to an umbilical cord at the inception of our being. However once the umbilical cord is severed, each of us lives our distinctive path in life; although this disconnection is quite symbolic, ironically what binds us together is the potential to be born again through the invisible expansion of consciousness.

Performed in 

  • Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn, NY (2017)

  • Live violin and cello improvisation with Augmented Reality Art, Outside the Box 4, A Biennial of Outdoor Site-Specific Art & Performance at Whitespace, The Mordes Collection, West Palm Beach, FL (2018)

"Visual Movement is my score"  

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