Unveiling the Other Reality is the first series of the Unmasked Project, which is an interactive audio-visual performance exploring the juxtaposition between the seen and unseen, the visible and invisible, the inner and outer reality. This first series explores the artist’s profound experience of discovering a new reality that defies many people’s perceptions of reality. In this performance, the screen is black at the beginning, and as the performer starts to play live music (loosely structured improvisation on violin and or cello), the screen begins to unmask the various sizes of black square or oval shapes in a random order throughout the performance until the entire image hidden underneath is revealed. At the interplay between visible and invisible, this work piques the viewers’ imaginations as they attempt to make sense of the concealed visuals, wording, and movements. Since audiences are exposed to only a piecemeal unmasking of the words and visuals, this work challenges audiences to confront their own subconscious and unconscious bias, social conditioning, and ideologies in the process of unpacking the meaning of the performance.

Concept, Interactive Design, Music, Video, Performance by Cecilia Suhr

Programming: Hans Tammen, further modified by Cecilia Suhr

As the performance and live music continue, the entire screen will be gradually revealed in a progressive manner. The amplitude of the musical sounds will interact with the square patches.